Mosaic Artist

Cihad Katat

This artist was born and raised in Damascus and learned a kind of art known as wood engraving or wood inlay, a centuries-old tradition in this city, during his apprenticeship. Inlay is created by converting small pieces of wood, metal, and precious metals into patterns with geometric shapes and applying them to furniture products such as boxes, chess boards, and mirror frames. In addition to traditional practices, the artist works mainly on decor and large pieces. He continued to work on the art of wood inlay after he came to Turkiye which he learned traditionally from his family. Currently, he continues his work at his own workshop located in Halkalı, Istanbul.


parallax background
This project aims to reveal the effects of migration on the fields of culture and art and has been completed under auspices of İLKE Foundation that has considerably contributed to the society through various projects in different fields it has undertaken over years.

İLKE - Foundation For Science Culture and Education
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